Much unanticipated return!

Not that anyone was sitting around anxiously waiting for my return but…I’m back! Love that GIF! It may be a bit much but it makes this all seem a lot more important than it really is. It has been almost exactly two years since I last posted content on WordPress. I have been distracted, swamped and frankly, overwhelmed with trying to reasonably cope with the whole Covid mayhem, elections, grad school applications and life in general. The last couple of years have been chalk full of unexpected twists and turns, but all with very distinct purposes. Yes, “everything happens for a reason” is one of those cliches that I proudly live by. What about you guys?

…cause I sure missed you! The last couple of years, my reading has been light. Work has had me bogged down. I only got a chance to read 30 books in 2020 and so far this year, I have only been able to read six. Well, technically only five but I read one of them twice in a row. Though I didn’t get to read much last year, I did get a chance to read a few really fantastic books. Here are my top six favorites from my 2020 stash:

  1. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
  2. Nada by Carmen Laforet
  3. Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman
  4. Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
  5. The Invisible Wall: A Love Story that Broke Barriers
  6. The Dream: A Memoir

So…what have I missed? Has anyone else put on an insane amount of Covid weight? What fun stuff have you been up to? Me? Nothing. Please feel free to overshare with me. I have been bored out of my mind. M.u.s.t.l.i.v.e.v.i.c.a.r.i.o.u.s.l.y.t.h.r.o.u.g.h.y.o.u!

Any great book recommendations I should consider reading this year? So far, I have read a wonderful biography on the life of Beatrix Potter and the Unabomber’s Manifesto; not together. Separately. Strange mix. I know, but I like to keep things interesting. The best book I have read so far this year is The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante. I read it in Spanish though. It was magnificent. She and Carmen Laforet are my two new favorite authors.

What have you read so far this year? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Much love,

Globetrotter Momma


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  1. Since you digested unabomber I’m guessin gyou are interested in history and psychology? If you don’t mind a long but episodic tome, Count Ciano’s diary (Mussolini’s son in law) is very interesting. He makes a lot of trenchant observations about other diplomats and some real obnoxious comments about entire countries. Interesting to see Italy’s belligerence before WW2. Best WW2 history I have read since the Rommel papers (both, note, were fairly self aware and very biased). Welcome back BTW.


    1. globetrottermomma says:

      Sounds like a very interesting read. Thank you for the recommendation. Since we both clearly have similar tastes, I’ll venture to say you’d probably seriously enjoy “Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland” by Patrick Radden Keefe. Hands down, the best history book I read in in 2019. Thanks for the kind welcome back.


      1. Thank you for the recommendation, GTM, I will certainly check that out.

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  2. Interesting selection of books….my main reading has been walking guides šŸ˜šŸ˜ surprise surprise. I’ve also been delving into a book on Scotland’s history written by Neil Oliver in conjunction with the BBC and the TV series. Its been absolutely fascinating. I’m also partway through a number of other books, partway because they haven’t really caught my attention, but I leave no book unfinished šŸ™„ I’m sure I read others but their titles escape me atm.


    1. globetrottermomma says:

      I’ll have to look into the book on Scotland. I have a good friend who lives there. Would be good to know a bit more about its rich history. Thank you for the recommendation. If you enjoy hiking books then you should “In Movement There is Peace” by Elaine Orabona Foster. Great book. I really enjoyed it. Oh I feel you! Isn’t it just awful that we cannot walk away from a bad book? I must finish it as well, but I’m starting to get better at not feeling obligated.

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      1. You’re most welcome. It’s a fascinating book. I devoured the first few centuries, but now that we’re into the 17,18,19th centuries I have to read it in small chunks because there are so many names and Kings and Queens that my head hurts trying to keep track of who is who and doing what šŸ˜†šŸ˜†šŸ˜† The twists and turns of history are extraordinary and they must have put in tons of research. But wow, what an amazing history. I can quite feel their pain at the hands of the English.
        I shall look out for your recommendation. The title resonates with me, because I do find an element of peace in my walking…when I’m not arguing with anyone in my head šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
        Yes, I agree, it’s a pain. But obligation is probably right on point…I feel I need to see it through, especially if it got good reviews. But occasionally I start a book and within a couple of pages I know I’m wasting my time…and then its goodbye. I buy most of my books from charity shops, so if I take it back mostly unread, I feel no pain, and they gain. šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ thanks for dropping by. Have a fab day


      2. globetrottermomma says:

        Ha! I only get used books as well. Otherwise, I’d break the bank especially during years when I read upwards of 50 or so books. It irks me when a book as phenomenal reviews, I pay price for it and it ends up being a dud. Case in point, The Goldfinch, ugh. Took me forever to get through it.

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      3. globetrottermomma says:

        *pay full price for it

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      4. Absolutely agree. Although I doubt I’d read that many books now with all the walking I do, I do enjoy reading and occasionally I work at a booking with a decent library

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      5. globetrottermomma says:

        I completely understand. Walking and reading. My two favorite things. šŸ˜Š

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